Alternative Therapies In Pregnancy

Alternative Therapies In Pregnancy

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∗  At Last! 1000s of hours of research condensed into an easy to understand book about natural ways to treat common pregnancy ailments.......and more

To: All Current and Future Pregnant Ladies From: Vivienne Hill mother, pharmacist and clinical hypnotherapist Dear Fellow Mothers, If you have ever wondered about harming your unborn baby... Or the thought of using toxic chemicals and conventional medicines leaves you stressed and anxious ... Or are you confused about which alternative therapies are available and safe for use during pregnancy ... Then this will be the most important message you will read this year. Perhaps that's a bold statement. Perhaps it isn't. indulge me for a few minutes why I tell you why

My name is Vivienne and I have a story to tell that you might relate to. Meet my children! These four girls are the focus of all my love and a constant source of wonder and inspiration. My husband Brad is also a proud father, and with four girls in the house jokes about 'swimming in a sea of estrogen". I digress.........

My daughters are mostly grown up now and living independent lives. They tell me it is uncool to worry about them; easy to say and I'm sure that a mother never stops worrying. You know where I'm coming from.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter Emily, I suffered from serious morning sickness and back pain. I was constantly tired and stressed. As a pharmacist I knew there were many 'over the counter' products available to treat my ailments.

I also had access to many doctors who would have been only too happy to prescribe something stronger if I'd asked, but.............

As a pharmacist I knew that conventional medicines weren't without potential side effects. I just couldn't subject my growing baby to the risks that these medicines might expose her to. So, I allowed myself to suffer through that first pregnancy. Does this sound like a familiar story? And everyone seemed to have their own opinion or great solution; from sleeping on one side to hopping one-legged to the kitchen first thing in the morning (OK so I made that one up...but you get the idea?)

That first pregnancy experience affected me so much that I committed to using my scientific knowledge and research skills to search out and uncover alternative treatments for the types of health issues I experienced. I desperately wanted more children - I just didn't want to suffer.

Over the next few years and three more pregnancies I spent literally thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars amassing a lot of knowledge and personal experience with a vast array of alternative therapies. And guess what? I was so impressed with many of them that I undertook formal study and am now a qualified practitioner in the therapies I found to be most beneficial for me!

Fact is, the information on alternative therapies for use during pregnancy is often confusing, difficult to find, or just plain wrong. Can you imagine what it would be like if you were determined to put the health of your baby first but were forced down the 'conventional path' because you couldn't make sense of the information you had stumbled across? Heart breaking!!!!

Suffering through common pregnancy health issues can rob you of the 'magic' of being pregnant. No mother wants to put her baby's health at risk, and the truth is that conventional treatments aren't always risk free. To make matters worse, your Doctor may not support your decision to search for alternative therapies, so you end up isolated, alone and confused. Is that how you imagined pregnancy would be? It wasn't how I wanted it to be and so I took action to make sure it didn't happen to me again.

But, and this is a big but, it wasn't an easy path to take. The pressure to 'cave in' and take the easy way out was immense. Have you ever felt like that? All through the time I was searching and studying I just wished that someone would put the information in front of me. All I really wanted to know was:

Well, you'll be glad to know the answers to these questions and more is at hand. I haven't let all of my experience and knowledge go to waste. I am absolutely CERTAIN that mothers just like you would want to know about safe alternatives to conventional treatments.

I'm convinced you'd like to have the information packaged and delivered in an easy to understand and easy to access way. Am I right?

For me the answer was simple. I wasn't prepared to suffer through pregnancy again. My thousands of hours of research and tens of thousands of dollars spent on study really were the difference between my first miserable pregnancy and my next three wonderful pregnancies. As you can imagine there are too many mothers just like you and me out there.

You know, mothers who would benefit from my experience. Mothers who would want to make life easier by having easy to understand information close to hand...

I was at my wits end trying to track down answers to my questions. Then a girlfriend sent me a link to your eBook. Everything I wanted to know was right there for me. And I used your meditation for a 4-hour, pain-free labour ......... Sophie, Newcastle NSW

"Your book was just what I needed. I don't think of myself as unintelligent, however I was struggling trying to understand what therapies I could safely use during my first pregnancy. I particularly liked the easy writing style you adopted - no jargon and it made it much easier to make decisions...... Jennifer, UK

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